Hello! Hola!! We're Vicky & Carl.

We are partners, best friends, business partners and travel companions. We spend 90% of our time together. This can get a little tricky, but we still choose it this way and at the end of the week we are still alive (we haven't killed each other yet!). We believe in our love and we love sharing life with each other as we do right now. You can find us on a beach around Byron Bay here in Australia, or in a dirt road between the mountainous Andes in Argentina. Either way, most of the time together.

We believe that photography and the thirst for exploring has brought us together and we are extremely thankful that we can mix them both as a full time job. Southern Love represents home (Australia & Argentina) and the deep respect we have for all those out there that LOVE.

To see full wedding days check out our blog www.blog.asouthernlove.com

Andddd one extra bit!! Did you know about Pampa ? It's our other business check the website out www.pampa.com.au (its worth having a look!!) www.pampa.com.au

Victoria Aguirre

I believe in love at first sight (it happened to me).

I have an obsession with horses (check my personal website and you'll see) and I think Frida Kahlo is one of the sexiest women in the entire world and I have a big crush on Patti Smith.

I don't think Instagram made everyone a photographer, but it made everyone start taking better photos.

I do get a tear or two at weddings.

I have a second obsession and it’s with the word PAMPA.

Every time I listen to the singing voice of Mercedes Sosa I feel like taking a plane back home (Argentina) and embarking on a road trip. I’m afraid of heights.

This year I would love to do more yoga.

My Instagram feed is @victoriaaguirreph and you can also see my photos at http://www.victoriaaguirre.com

Carlyon Wilson

I don’t believe in love at first sight, I believe that real love slowly drags you in without you knowing it, until you have no choice.

My obsession is with motorcycles. I think my girlfriend is the sexist woman in the entire world (I have a crush on her).

I think Instagram has made everyone a photographer, but I don’t want to see everyone’s photos.

I do get a tear or two at weddings, more so when the father of the bride does. I have another obsession, and it is with the word travel.

At any time I feel like taking a plane to South America and embarking a road trip. I am afraid of heights, but I like being afraid.

This year my body is telling me I HAVE to start Yoga.

My Instargram feed is @carlyon1 and you can also see my photos at http://carlyonwilson.tumblr.com

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